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The Droid On July - 30 - 2009

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How to root and install custom roms on your phone.

1.) Connect phone to computer with USB and select “Mount” so the phone is visible to the computer
2.) Right click the removable disk and format (fat32) (I recommend the full format and not the quick format
3.) Download and unzip the RC29 ( or RC7 ( image file. Copy the DREAMIMG.nbh file to the SD card. (RC29 for US, RC7 is for UK)
4.) Once the files are copied over right click on removable disk and eject
5.) Power off the phone. Once it’s off turn it back on by holding the camera button and the power button at the same time
6.) Once the bootloader loads, press the power button to start the update
7.) When it’s complete press the trackball to continue. Reboot the phone by pressing talk, menu and power at the same time
8.) Go through all the install steps as if you got a new phone.
9.) Download the root script from the android browser by going to
10.) Tap on the root.apk in your browser download list, it will notify you that this program needs to be allowed because it is a non-Market application. Click the provided Settings button and allow non-Market apps. Hit the back button, then tap the root.apk download to install.
11.) Run the root.apk app and click Download IMG and HardSPL files
12.) Go to the home screen and open your keyboard. Hit “Enter” pause a second then hit it again.
13.) Type “telnetd” in all lowercase minus the quotes. Ignore the search that comes up and press enter again
14.) Run the root.apk file again and click protect your root. This part roots your phone. If there are any errors then the telnetd wasn’t running. Go back to step 12 and try again.
15.) Power off the phone. Once it’s off press the home and power button until the phone turns back on.
16.) When the yellow sign appears click alt+s on the keyboard. When it’s finished hit Talk, Menu and Power to reboot the phone.

You should now have root access on the phone. If you have problems rooting, here is another tutorial

How to install cyanogen recovery image

1.) Open the terminal app on your phone (download it from market) and type the following commands pressing enter at the end of each line. If you get a prompt asking to accept root permissions, click always accept.

cd /sdcard
flash_image recovery /sdcard/cm-recovery-1.4.img

2.) Now reboot your phone into recovery console pressing home+power when you turn it on

You should now have the new recovery console. You can always get there by holding the home key and power key to turn on the phone. This lets you use the trackball and adds some new features to simplify updates later on.

If you have problems installing you can check this thread

How to partition your SD card from console (This requires the cyanogen recovery 1.3.1+)

Example for my 8GB card.

Reboot and enter recovery (home+power) then go to console. Enter the below pressing “enter” after each line.

parted /dev/block/mmcblk0
print (to verfiy we know what size card we are dealing with. Mine was 8166 read below if yours is different)
rm 1 (if you had more than 1 partition you would want to rm them as well)
mkpartfs primary fat32 0 7622
mkpartfs primary ext2 7622 8134
mkpartfs primary linux-swap 8134 8166

if your card isn’t 8166 when you type print then you will need to modify those numbers to match your card size. You basically work back to figure out the totals. To figure it out, start with your cards total size. For example 8166 total, subtract 32 for swap (8134) minus 512 for ext (7622) the rest will go to fat32. Each partition starts where the other left off.

How to install the latest Radio and SPL (07/05/09)

Do the radio first then the SPL.

1.) Download the radio from and rename to
2.) Connect your phone to the computer via usb and copy the to your phone. Power off your phone afterwards.
3.) Turn on your phone by holding the home key and the power key.
4.) Click to apply the update then reboot the phone.
5.) Repeat the steps with SPL.

If you try to reboot your phone now, you would probably just stay stuck on the G1 loading screen. You need to install Hero before it will go anywhere or reflash another rom.

How to install latest JACHero (requires the 3 partitions we created earlier)

Download the latest JACHero and rename to

1.) Turn on the phone holding the home key and power to boot. Attach the phone to your computer via usb.
2.) Open console and enter the following commands. Press “Enter” after each line.


3.) The phone should now be mounted for you to copy over once copied unmount using the below command


4.) Type recovery to go back to the recovery menu and unplug phone.
5.) Click to fix ext then apply the update.
6.) Once completed you should give it a few minutes to boot. It could take 5 minutes or so to complete then you are all set. If it stays on the G1 loading screen just be patient (no more than 15 minutes).

How to wipe ext3
if you ever install a new version, etc and need to wipe the ext3 partition just go to console enter the below commands:

mount -o rw /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 /system/sd
cd /system/sd
rm -r *

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