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The Droid On January - 7 - 2010

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Now that you’ve got your shiny new Nexus One in hand, you’re probably asking yourself, “Self, how can I make this bad boy shine like my dusty G1?” The answer, of course, is to unlock root access on this nifty new handset.


  • This does void your warranty.
  • The root image auto-installs the Superusers Permission app.
  • You perform these steps at your own risk. We hold no responsibility for damage you might do to your phone.
  • This voids your warranty. Did I mention that?
  • Once you unlock the bootloader, the bootloader will factory reset your phone (so don’t bother setting up your phone before rooting).
  • THIS VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY!!! (Just thought I’d throw that in there for good measure)

Steps to obtain root:

  1. Download the root boot image (; MD5Sum: 9110eef47d4e684229768e3646d3171f)
  2. Extract the zip
  3. Open a command window in that folder by holding down your shift key and right clicking anywhere in the window. and selecting open command prompt here
  4. Then with your phone off hold the power and trackball to access the bootloader.
  5. Once in the bootloader type this command in your command prompt “fastboot-windows oem unlock”
  6. Follow what that sceen says.
  7. In that same zip you’ll notice a lot of other files. Simply run ‘install-superboot-windows.bat’.
  8. Enjoy your now-rooted Nexus One Android device.

If you’d prefer not to use the batch file to obtain root, you can instead open a command window in that folder by holding down your shift key and right clicking anywhere in the window and selecting ‘open command prompt here.’  Then just type this command in your command prompt:

fastboot-windows flash boot nexusone.superboot.1.1.img

Now you have a freshly rooted Nexus One and you can install all those lovely apps you might have fallen in love with on the G1 like SMS Bomber, WiFi Tether for Root Users, and Ad-Free. Huzzah!

UPDATE: If you have already rooted, I highly recommend you install Cyanogen’s Bacon One mod right away!

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3 Responses

  1. Michalis says:

    Thanks!!! Great Tutorial!!!

    New REQ: Can you add a tutorial, how to add a multilanguage suport in nexus one? I want to view greek websites and sms in my nexus. Thanks again!!

  2. DroidBot says:


    Glad you enjoyed it. Rooting on the N1 is remarkably easy. Have you tried my guide to Adding Additional Language Fonts to Android?

    I will try it on my N1 as well and if it doesn’t work, I’ll post a solution for the N1 specifically. However, it *should* work, so long as you have rooted your Nexus One.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  1. […] you have rooted your shiny new Nexus One, you may want to add support for Arabic fonts if you frequently read […]

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